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Gain 20 to 30 yards on your drives…See what makes Eagle Rebirth the best driver in the market today…

Longer distance and better accuracy off the tee are characteristics all golfers look for from a driver.

Our new 2017 EG1 Titanium Driver is the perfect choice for professional or amateur golfers of all levels.

Our large 460cc driver head has the aerodynamic characteristics to effortlessly slice through the air, combined with our unique face grooves that increase ball impact and give golfers maximum distance on every shot. Our technologically advanced Sliding Weight System includes a 4g slider weight with a removable 4g counter weight that can be replaced with a 5g or 8g weight on the sole for greater customized shot control and increased forgiveness on off center hits.

The EG1 driver offered in SP700 Titanium has the most powerful hitting face in the market or our standard 6-4 Titanium which has a more forgiving hitting face that still produces above average distance. Available in 9, 9.5 and 10.5 degree lofts that are available with Eagle Rebirth’s custom UST Mamiya MP5 graphite shafts in Flex-R, Flex-S and Flex-X or optional UST Mamiya ELEMENTS GOLD graphite shafts in Flex-R, Flex-S and Flex-X.

Simply the Best Custom Golf Club Available Anywhere…

Ball speed and a clean launch from the fairway with maximum control is what sets fairway woods apart.

Our new 2017 EGF #3 Fairway Wood has the right combination of technology and performance to dramatically improve your shots out of the grass.

Our thin face Special Alloy Stainless club head technology provides the ideal trajectory to get your ball out of the grass quickly and cleanly, our new bow-shaped grooves increase ball speed to add significant distance and our patented Internal Counterweight Design delivers maximum forgiveness on off center hits.

The EGF #3 Fairway Wood has a 15 degree loft, available with Eagle Rebirth’s custom UST Mamiya MP5 graphite shafts in Flex-A, Flex-R and Flex-S or optional UST Mamiya ELEMENTS GOLD graphite shafts in Flex-R, Flex-S and Flex-X.

Simply the Best Custom Golf Club Available Anywhere…

Consistent spin rate, distance and club feel in all turf and sand conditions are the 3-keys to a great wedge.

Our new 2017 EGW Wedges are manufactured from our custom blended 8620 alloy steel for a softer feel with superior performance.

Our wedge heads have a unique design that moves the center of gravity lower and away from the hosel towards the center of the club-face which results in a more consistent ball spin rate. Our shafts produce an extremely solid feel in any turf or sand condition.

The EGW wedges are currently offered in 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts with standard 64 degree lie angles that can be custom fitted and adjusted to your exact swing characteristics by any of our certified fitters.

The EGW wedges are available with our standard stepped chrome shaft in S-Flex as well as optional UST Mamiya RECOIL 760 graphite shafts in Flex-A, Flex-R or Flex-S.

Simply the Best Custom Golf Club Available Anywhere…

Heel and toe weighted putters have been proven to twist less on off-center hits than any other style of putter.

Our new 2017 EGP Putter is manufactured from a special blended soft steel to give you a realistic feel of the ball strike.

Our putter heads have been CNC milled with the same technology used to manufacture components for the F117 Nighthawk Aircraft and the Military Black Finish is created by a unique Physical Vapor Deposition process to give you many years of performance. Our shafts extend the feel of the ball strike from the putter head to your hands, giving you more confidence on your stroke to lower your score.

The EGP putter’s thin face and heel to toe weighted design has removable 3g heel and 5g toe weights that can be replaced with 3g and 8g weight combinations to give even more control of your putting.

Simply the Best Custom Golf Club Available Anywhere…

Selecting the right custom golf club is one of the most important decisions a golfer will make to lower their handicap and improve their overall golf game. Whether you are a beginner, top amateur or professional – Eagle Rebirth Custom Golf Clubs are the right clubs for you.

We recommend that you visit one of our authorized custom golf club fitting professionals for your custom fitting session. If an authorized dealer is not available in your area, or you have questions about any of our clubs, we have PGA professional fitters and instructors on staff to answer your questions. Call our toll-free number 833.515.4653 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM Pacific Standard Time to speak to one of our PGA professionals.

When your custom golf clubs are ordered through one of our select dealers, you are guaranteed a perfect fit and if you are not 100% satisfied with the golf club or your fit, you can return the custom golf clubs for a 100% refund…no questions asked.

If you have been fitted for custom golf clubs before and know your custom golf club specifications, visit our “Clubs” page to start building your Eagle Rebirth custom golf clubs today.

Or use our online fitting session to see which Eagle Rebirth custom golf clubs are a perfect fit for you.