Eagle Rebirth Demo Day @ Sterling Hills Golf Club

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Try out our clubs at Sterling Hills Golf

Eagle Rebirth Golf will be hosting a new product demo day at Sterling Hills Golf Club.

Eagle Rebirth Golf incorporates cutting edge technology and the highest quality materials in our 6-4 Titanium and SP700 Titanium driver heads to give golfers 20 to 30 yards of added distance.

Eagle Rebirth Golf will be holding a huge sale on all pre-assembled Fairway Woods and Drivers at this event. You won’t want to miss this!

Eagle Golf Rebirth is proud to feature UST Mamiya Graphite Shafts on all new orders for our custom fit Drivers and Fairway Woods. Our Wedges are also offered with optional UST Mamiya Graphite Shafts.

Don’t take our word on it…see it for yourself, bring your driver and test it against ours during this event on our PGA proven FlightScope launch monitor.