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Counterfeit Warning

Eagle Rebirth Golf monitors Internet sales in regards to imitation Eagle Rebirth Golf products that may be illegally imported from different parts of the world. These imitation products can bear similar marks and dressings that make it difficult to distinguish online from authentic Eagle Rebirth Golf products.

If you see a price on the internet for an Eagle Rebirth Golf club that is “too good to be true”, then it is most likely a counterfeit product. Customer demand for genuine Eagle Rebirth Golf clubs sometimes exceeds the available supply so don’t be fooled by promises of immediate delivery from other websites when delivery is not available from the Eagle Rebirth Golf’s website –

The prices shown on Eagle Rebirth Golf’s website are the same prices that authorized Eagle Rebirth Golf dealers and Eagle Rebirth professional golf club fitters are authorized to sell them for. Please verify that your dealer or professional golf club fitter is authorized by Eagle Rebirth Golf.