ERG W7 Special Tour Grind Micro-Milled Wedge comes in chrome and a silver-smoke finish . Micro-milled score lines with a progressive sole grind create solid contact with consistent distance control. ERG Golf has designed a unique micro-milled score line pattern on the toe of this wedge to line up with an open club-face.

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When faced with poor lie or difficult bunker shot it can often dictate an open-face approach to the shot. Results of player testing demonstrates that the ball makes contact with the smooth outer surface of the toe over 50% of the time. Unlike our competitors, ERG takes this issue into consideration with this innovative design. ERG’s outer score lines will help to generate the proper spin and allow for better control on difficult shots. The W5 wedge is truly like having two wedges in one.


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W2-Wedge #52, W2-Wedge #56, W2-Wedge #60