ERG the Hidden Gem at the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show

A Diamond in the Rough

As a small growing golf brand, it excited us when folks discovered us at the PGA show back in January.

Golf writer Alexander Toth of the blog Until the Next Tee, debated visiting Eagle Rebirth Golf prior to the show, but was thrilled he took the time to make some swings with our products.

From our drivers to our fairway woods, Eagle Rebirth Golf made the Top 5 in the categories Top Hybrid, Top Forged Iron, and Top Wedge in his 2nd Annual Teezy Awards.

Teezy Award Results


(10 pts)


(10 pts)


(10 pts)


(5 pts)


(5 pts)

Hybrid Eagle Rebirth Golf X1 9.5 10 9.5 3 5 37/40
Forged Irons Eagle Rebirth Golf X3 8.5 9 8 3.5 5 34/40
Wedge Eagle Rebirth Golf W5 9 9 9.5 4 5 36.5/40




Not only did Eagle Rebirth Golf rank in his Teezy Awards, Toth also selected us for his Hidden Gem Award for 2019. It is an award we are appreciative of especially with the number of new products and innovations released this season.




Eagle Rebirth Golf – It just seems like every year that I attend the PGA Merchandise Show there’s almost always a “Hidden Gem” that I uncover. Even though it’s a new category in 2019 this award would have definitely gone to New Level Golf last year. For 2019, that honor goes to Eagle Rebirth Golf. If you haven’t heard of them you aren’t alone. I honestly feel that if I were to survey 100 golfers I’m not certain that 10 would have heard of them before. I’m hoping that changes.

Eagle Rebirth Golf is the manufacturer of several designs of metalwoods, irons, and wedges. Their irons and wedges are forged from either 8620 or 1025 Carbon Steel and they feel great!!! They even have an iron that features a thin 455 maraging steel face and a 1025 steel forged body (X2). Their W5 was a nominee in the Top Wedge Category and this wedge felt great. I loved the meticulous milling of the face… including the toe.

Their metalwoods performed very well from top to bottom. Whether it was their forgiving V1 hybrid (455 maraging steel face) or their X1-Ti fairway metal head (which features a DAT55G forged titanium cup-face insert). Their heads provided plenty of jump off of the face. Their drivers performed very well as well.

I debated back and forth about visiting with Eagle Rebirth Golf prior to the PGA Show. Admittedly, I wasn’t captivated after looking at their website. Let me tell you this… I’m glad that I took the time to make swings with their products.

Alexander Toth, Until The Next Tee