What Type of Ball Flight Do You Want to See?

Master Club Fitting 101 – “What Type of Ball Flight Do You Want to See?”

ERG Golf recently received an email from one of our Master Club Fitters reporting a customer could not understand the difference in choosing between the two different lofts presented to him during a custom fitting. With my years of experience and conversations with other Master Club Fitters, I found the best way to determine why a player should use one loft over another is the following:

Which Loft is Right For You

A starting point to determine the correct iron loft, I place the golfer into one of two categories. The first category is the player who has a shallow swing path and takes a small divot or in some cases no divot at all. The second category is the player who has a steep descending swing path, delofting his irons which creates a deeper and larger divot. It would make sense to start the category one player using a lower lofted set of irons and the category two player using a higher lofted set of irons. Both of these options are on the right path to achieve an optimal ball flight.

Key Golf Club Fitting Factors

With that stated, any Master Club Fitter will tell you custom club fitting it is not that simple. There are several factors and exceptions to be considered in the two categories mentioned above. Some of the major factors to be considered are:

a.) The players clubhead speed.

b.) The players natural ball flight and swing path. (draw/fade) and (high/low).

c.) The players level of ability.

d.) The Swing weight and feel of the irons the player prefers – Ask the player, what is the favorite iron in their bag. Most players like Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan and Jack Nicklaus had one iron in their bag for some reason felt better than the rest. Measure the swing weight, overall weight and flex to get a better understanding on what your player prefers.

e.) Last, but not least, ask the player, “What type of ball flight do you want to see?”.

The question, What type of ball flight do you want to see?” is the most important question and at times overlooked during the fitting process. If the customer likes to hit a high draw and leaves a fitting with a set of irons that produces a low draw or fade, chances are they are not coming back or recommending your service to other golfers. Explain why you are suggesting a certain style of iron with a specific loft is to help them achieve their desired ball flight.

ERG Golf has gone to great lengths to develop our 2019 product line designed expressly for the needs of custom club builders. ERG Golf offers over 9 styles of irons with 5 different loft options to choose from. Club fitters need these options available so they can conduct their custom fitting with confidence knowing they have the right product and the right fit for each player. The ERG Golf product line allows the club fitter to answer that one big question for the customer,What type of ball flight do you want to see? “.

Check out www.eaglerebirth.com to see ERG Golf products and club specifications.

Ernie Reynolds
ERG Manager
Former Golf Professional & Master Club Fitter

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